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Why can't I see my Course in Canvas? (All)
Last Updated 2 years ago

Please complete the following steps:

1) Check term start dates.

Canvas courses are available to students three days before the term begins. Students will not be able to access full course functionalities (i.e. submit assignments) until the course begins.

2) Check your email for the Canvas Course Invite.
Check your Galen College Email for a Course Invitation from Galen Canvas Notifications.

3) Check the Courses link within Canvas.
Please visit Galen's Adding Courses to Canvas Tutorial or follow the the written instructions below:
  • Within Canvas, select the Course icon (book) on the left
  • Select All Courses
  • Click the Star to the left of the Course Name to have the Course Added or Removed from your Dashboard.
4) If you have completed the following steps, and the course is still not listed...
Please contact

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